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Sterile Processing Records – new module in Surglogs digital platform

SPR module

The entire Sterile Processing Department depends on precisely following a multitude of processes and procedures that must be carefully documented. These documents play an important role when it comes to the survey preparation or identifying a sterilization cycle record for the failed sterilizer load.

Paper Sterile Processing Records are:

  • Difficult to trace
  • Not centralized
  • Susceptible to human error
  • Time-consuming

In order to resolve these issues in SPDs in healthcare facilities, we have created our newest Surglogs module – Sterile Processing Records.

Introducing Surglogs Sterile Processing Records

Our Sterile Processing Records module focuses specifically on maintaining a proper sterilization program on the cloud. It allows the facility to set up multiple machines and view all entries in a searchable table view. These entries can be sorted by day, sterilizer ID, and other parameters that the user decides to set.

SPR screens

Additionally, the module allows the users to upload pictures of the load receipts and indicators within each cycle, and they can record which items are being sterilized for easy tracking. This module streamlines sterile processing and makes it easy to identify and access any record from anywhere at any time.

With Surglogs Sterile Processing you can:

  • Complete all your sterile processing logs across multiple sterilization machines
  • Create customizable forms and tables to fit your current process
  • Set searchable parameters to locate records or the information within them in seconds
  • Run compliance reports for Bowie-Dick tests, biological indicators, and chemical indicators
  • Take pictures of sterilization load receipts and upload the files to your digital logs
  • Track your instruments with the customizable supply inventory feature
  • Save time on organizing your sterile processing records

Sterile Processing Records Surglogs

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If you prefer a more hands-off approach, check out our webinar where Damien Berg, Regional Manager of Sterile Processing at UCHealth discusses how Surglogs helps him within SPD.

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