SPD techncian
A word with a product manager: Surglogs’ solutions for the SPDs

The role of the sterile processing department in ASCs and hospitals is crucial for patient safety. These unsung heroes of every healthcare facility make sure that all medical supplies and equipment are both sterile and processed for patient care. All the while keeping track of

Enterprise ready regulatory compliance software
Surglogs Is Ready for Enterprise

Standardizing compliance processes in multiple facilities while ensuring that the staff adapts to ever-changing regulations and policies remains a challenge for many ASC management companies and hospital systems. The outdated standard of pen-and-paper logging is proving to be cumbersome and difficult to manage. At Surglogs,

Sterile processing records
Sterile Processing Records – New Module in Surglogs Digital Platform

The entire Sterile Processing Department depends on precisely following a multitude of processes and procedures that must be carefully documented. These documents play an important role when it comes to the survey preparation or identifying a sterilization cycle record for the failed sterilizer load. Paper

Face mask healthcare
Digital tools that aid healthcare facilities during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare facilities across the nation. Almost every facility experienced disruptions to its health services and supply chain. To increase the patients’ safety and restore daily operations, healthcare facilities have had to address the new demanding list of regulations. The new

Vendor Contracts Surglogs
Surglogs Adds Vendor Contracts Module to Regulatory Compliance Software Suite

Surglogs, Inc., the first software company to offer a full suite of automated regulatory compliance solutions for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals, announced today it has launched its Vendor Contracts module as the newest addition to its regulatory compliance software suite.  Through this new module,

Surglogs Who Is It For
Who Can Benefit from Surglogs?

Surglogs is a customizable, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, all-in-one solution specifically designed for professionals within the healthcare industry. Surglogs has helped thousands of healthcare professionals to simplify and streamline processes in their facilities. Administrators Surglogs liberates you from the paperwork burden and helps you to maintain