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Join us in helping others this holiday season

Giving holidays

The year 2020 will be forever remembered as one of the most challenging years in modern history. The global pandemic brought healthcare systems across the world to their knees, took the lives of many, and barred children from learning in classrooms with their peers. As we all hope for the vaccine to make our world normal again, we certainly should not be waiting to take action and help others.

As schools went virtual, many children struggled to continue their studies. In the holiday spirit of giving, Surglogs connected with Ronald McDonald House Charities in San Diego and donated refurbished MacBook laptops and Mac monitors for children learning virtually. If you have laptops, tablets, or smartphones no longer in use, consider donating them to charities who will allocate them to children in need.

How can you support your local community or the cause you care about?

Charities across the United States are in dire need of donations. Whether it’s tech for kids missing out on in-class education, warm clothes and food for the homeless suffering outside through winter, or financial support for families without income who are unable to put food on the table.

Let’s celebrate the holidays by helping others and sharing in the joy of giving.

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