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QUAD A Survey Readiness: How to Stay Survey Ready 365 Days a Year

by Barbora Ilic
QUAD A survey

QUAD A (formerly known as AAAASF), established in 1980, is a non-profit organization founded and led by physicians, dedicated to global accreditation. Over the years, it has collaborated with numerous healthcare facilities to establish and enhance standards, with a core belief that prioritizing patient safety is paramount. Similar to many other accreditation bodies, QUAD A accreditation signifies that your healthcare center has met certain predetermined standards and requirements. This can enhance credibility, ensure quality, and demonstrate a commitment to excellence, all of which greatly impact your center’s bottom line. 

QUAD A survey readiness relies on careful attention to various aspects of your healthcare organization, with the end goal being that your facility meets or exceeds QUAD A’s standards for quality and patient safety. By aligning your healthcare facility with the recognized standards upheld by QUAD A, you can showcase your commitment to providing excellent care, which can attract and retain patients, referrals, and partnerships.

Here are 5 key goals to aim for QUAD A survey readiness, 365 days a year: 

Align Policies and Procedures 

To prepare for a QUAD A survey, healthcare organizations are required to routinely assess and revise their policies and procedures. This involves thorough documentation covering areas such as infection control, medication management, patient rights, and emergency preparedness. It is crucial that these policies are transparent, all-encompassing, and easily accessible to staff. Utilizing digital documentation through platforms like Surglogs streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency and decreasing the time spent updating various binders or Excel sheets. Moreover, consolidating information in one digital location significantly minimizes the risk of human error associated with dispersed data storage.

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Assess Staff Training and Competencies

Educate your staff on QUAD A standards, policies, and procedures, emphasizing a clear understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities in upholding compliance. It is crucial to guarantee that every team member is adequately trained and prepared to carry out their duties proficiently. Healthcare organizations should meticulously document staff training, certifications, and competencies. Training initiatives should encompass essential areas such as infection control, emergency response, patient safety, and pertinent policies and procedures.

Promote transparent communication within the organization, creating an environment where staff can readily express concerns or address issues related to patient safety and compliance. Establishing open lines of communication is integral to fostering a culture of accountability and ensuring that potential problems are promptly identified and addressed.

Establish Documentation and Record-Keeping

Healthcare organizations must uphold detailed and comprehensive documentation of patient care, encompassing medical records, consent forms, incident reports, and other important records. It is crucial that these documents are well-organized and easily accessible, particularly in preparation for and during a QUAD A survey. Utilizing Surglogs software can notably showcase your facility’s commitment to organization, accuracy, and currency by providing surveyors with a digital overview of all completed tasks.

QUAD A places a high priority on patient-centered care, necessitating healthcare organizations to safeguard and advocate for patient rights. Policies and procedures should be in place to ensure the protection of patient privacy, secure informed consent, and facilitate clear communication of patient rights and responsibilities. Essential patient education materials should be readily available, and staff must be adequately trained to address patient concerns and inquiries, aligning with QUAD A’s emphasis on prioritizing the well-being and rights of patients. 

Strive for Quality 

Emphasizing an unwavering dedication to continuous quality improvement, QUAD A encourages the implementation of a robust Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program. Such a program serves as a strategic means to consistently monitor and assess the effectiveness of organizational processes. By integrating CQI, organizations not only ensure they are on a progressive trajectory but also establish a culture where ongoing improvement takes center stage—a key principle endorsed by QUAD A.

For successful preparation toward QUAD A accreditation, healthcare organizations should establish systematic approaches to monitor and evaluate the quality of care delivered. This involves the collection and analysis of relevant data, the execution of audits, and the adoption of targeted strategies to address areas identified for improvement through data analysis. This proactive approach is essential in meeting the accreditation standards set by QUAD A.

Put Patients First, Always 

Putting patients first is the underlying core principle for QUAD A accreditation, and it holds significant importance for several reasons. Placing patients first underscores the commitment to providing care that is centered around the needs, preferences, and values of the individual patient. This approach acknowledges that each patient is unique, with specific concerns and circumstances that should guide their care. 

Healthcare organizations that consistently prioritize patients tend to build a positive reputation within the community. That’s because prioritizing patients often leads to better healthcare outcomes. When patients feel heard, respected, and actively involved in their care, they are more likely to adhere to treatment plans, communicate openly about their health, and engage in preventive measures.

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The Importance of QUAD A’s Patient First Approach

Above all, QUAD A survey readiness promotes positive patient experiences, contributes to a facility’s standing, and can attract more patients. QUAD A believes putting patients first is not just a moral imperative; it is a strategic and holistic approach that benefits both patients and healthcare organizations. It promotes better health outcomes, strengthens trust, and contributes to the overall well-being of individuals and communities.

Surglogs software also plays a crucial role in helping healthcare facilities maintain a patient-centric approach by streamlining various aspects of operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately contributing to better patient care. To learn more, set up a free demo today, and be QUAD A survey ready, 365 days a year!

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