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Surglogs, Inc., the first software company to offer a full suite of automated regulatory compliance solutions for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals, announced today it has launched its Vendor Contracts module as the newest addition to its regulatory compliance software suite. 

Through this new module, administrators or business office managers (BOM) at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and hospitals will be able to easily transfer vendor contracts from their current physical binders to a completely digitized platform. The software will notify administrators when contracts are up for renewal prior to the expiration date. 

Surglogs Vendor Contracts 

“The Vendor Contracts module aligns with our mission of providing medical staff with more time and resources to dedicate to patients,” said Peter Zajac, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Surglogs. “This module can be a great tool for medical centers trying to decrease their spending because it reduces the chance of auto-renewing a contract that is no longer needed or can be renegotiated for a lower price.” 

Additionally, the Vendor Contracts module can provide administrators with a full report of contracts that will be expiring soon. This allows staff to potentially reduce the center’s spending by deciding to either renew these contracts or cancel them rather than auto-renewing. Contracts can also be organized into custom categories within the platform to make them easy to locate quickly when needed.  

“When I visit medical centers, they typically have multiple binders full of contracts,” said Brandon Coombs, Vice President of Business Development for Surglogs. “The Vendor Contracts module is easy-to-use and solves the common issue of budget spent on unnecessary contract auto-renewals.” 

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About Surglogs 

Surglogs provides healthcare facilities with a full suite of regulatory compliance software designed to improve the everyday routines of healthcare administrators by replacing the time- and labor-intensive pen-and-paper documentation process with an easy-to-navigate digital platform. The platform features mobile and desktop applications that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, enabling administrators to gather real-time data on the facility’s regulatory compliance. This includes all accreditation logs, biomedical logs, EOC, QA/QI Studies, Pharmacy Logs, Life & Fire Safety, and Vendor Contracts. The Surglogs compliance suite is customized to the facility’s needs and securely houses the entire database of logs in a HIPAA compliant, encrypted cloud. Surglogs has saved thousands of dollars in labor and storage costs for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals across the United States through improving clinical compliance calculations as well as providing administrators and clinical staff with peace of mind for their future accreditation surveys. 

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