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Accuracy of ASC Checks and How Technology Can Help

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An ambulatory surgery center (ASC) functions as a complex ecosystem, where physicians, nurses, administrators, technicians, and other clinical team members must collaborate to ensure implementation of the best practices for compliance. This includes infection control, fire and life safety, sterile processing, credentialing, controlled substance inventory, and much more. All of these processes require constant monitoring and recording, which have traditionally been done using pen and paper.

Unfortunately, if something is not documented or is documented inaccurately, centers run the risk of jeopardizing their compliance. Because of the dated practice of using pen and paper, this risk becomes very real in many centers, especially those with more than 2 operating rooms. Pen and paper contribute to the disorganization and decentralization of all of these tasks. In addition, staff members are more likely to commit errors when using pen and paper to complete detail-oriented assignments. This model of inefficiency is exposed even more when you consider the onus ultimately falls on directors of nursing and other administrators to inspect endless sheets of paper, binders, and clipboards to determine whether or not the staff are properly completing their tasks. And what happens in situations where directors and/or administrators have their attention drawn away to critical, patient care issues for prolonged periods of time? Or what options do you have when your library of logbooks gets damaged in a fire or flood? And this doesn’t even touch on the unnecessary physical space needed to house all of the binders and paperwork needed to manage your center.

The inherent process of relying on pen and paper to complete the multitude of required tasks within an ASC doesn’t make sense any longer. In today’s day and age, why not take advantage of modern technology, such as Surglogs, that will effectively help your staff, directors, and administrators avoid all of the shortcomings and inefficiencies with pen and paper documentation?

Surglogs is a highly customizable, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based app that becomes an ambulatory surgery center’s all-in-one accreditation management platform. Now all documents, logs, and checklists can be completed in a fraction of the time using any mobile device – saving staff and administrators hours and hours of work per week. And say goodbye to missed logs thanks to Surglogs built-in reminder system that completely automates the accreditation process, thus keeping your center current at any given time. Surglogs also frees up any space dedicated to storage as all of your center’s information will now be conveniently accessed online via the administrative portal.

For directors and administrators, Surglogs offers an online dashboard that provides real-time reporting of all staff – including all tasks completed and those that were missed. No longer do supervisors need to track down pen and paper documentation spread out all over the center just to confirm accuracy and completeness.

Beyond the significant advantages, Surglogs offers directors, administrators, and staff, the software is also incredibly helpful for surveyors when it comes time for the all-important inspection. Nothing shows an accrediting surveyor that your ASC is organized, accurate, and up-to-date as well as Surglogs software, which can give them a complete overview of all your center’s completed tasks from any desktop computer.

Surglogs is the latest tool every ASC needs to finally eliminate the dated, inefficient, wasteful practice of managing a center with pen and paper. This smart technology is now accessible to all ASCs – no matter what size and scale – and is quickly becoming the nation’s leading platform for accreditation compliance. Surglogs is a win-win software solution for everyone involved in the ASC industry.

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