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Surglogs Enters Strategic Partnership With Riteway Services — Providing a Digital Healthcare Solution to Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Riteway Services will begin using Surglogs’ regulatory compliance suite and expand the software’s reach into its network of over 250 ASCs.

Surglogs, Inc., the first software company to offer a full suite of automated regulatory compliance solutions for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with recognized life safety and consulting company Riteway Services, Inc., to begin using the Surglogs regulatory compliance software suite and offer it to Riteway Services network of over 250 ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

Riteway Services currently provides a comprehensive program comprised of organized manuals in which records are accessible and inspection-friendly. With the acceptance of electronic documentation by regulatory agencies, Riteway Services intends to further extend the availability of its proven program to provide peace of mind for leaders in the Ambulatory Surgery Center services industry. Under this partnership, the RWS Riteway Services team will transition from the multi-volume manual program in favor of one tablet equipped with the Surglogs/RWS dashboard application. This will allow them to access the Surglogs regulatory compliance suite to continue completing their digital forms from anywhere with an Internet connection as they travel between medical centers.

Additionally, RWS Riteway Services will make the Surglogs software available to its network of over 250 ASCs. Administrators will have the ability to not only track compliance on all Life and Fire Safety documentation protocols, but also controlled substances. They will also be able to automate and streamline general accreditation logs, infection control, quality improvement studies, and much more. Network members will be granted the opportunity to have a trial of all Surglogs modules to decide how they can best streamline and maximize efficiency within their current regulatory compliance documentation process. 

Currently, many ASCs who utilize a pen-and-paper method of documentation struggle with countless wasted labor hours and storage costs associated with maintaining mandatory regulatory compliance, said Peter Zajac, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Surglogs. Surglogs created the first-ever full suite of automated regulatory compliance software tools designed to greatly reduce these costs for medical centers and improve the everyday routines of administrators. We look forward to working with Riteway Services to bring our innovative software solution to a broader audience through their platform.

Founded in 1998, RWS Riteway Services is nationally recognized as the leader in providing high-quality professional life safety compliance and facility construction consulting services. The company’s offerings include written policies, compliance record-keeping, training programs, and certified personnel to help medical centers manage and deliver compliance programs. Headquartered in Florida, RWS Riteway Services intends to further its national coverage in the coming months.

Surglogs offers a regulatory compliance solution that is currently unmatched on the market. We aim to provide our clients with the best options and advice in regulatory compliance, and adding Surglogs to our database of strategic software that helps achieve operational efficiencies seemed like the perfect fit, said James Peck BSE, CLSS-HC, Operations & Business Development Manager at RWS Riteway Services.

What is Surglogs?

Surglogs provides healthcare facilities with a full suite of regulatory compliance software designed to improve the everyday routines of healthcare administrators by replacing the time- and labor-intensive pen-and-paper documentation process with an easy-to-navigate digital platform.

The platform features mobile and desktop applications that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, enabling administrators to gather real-time data on the facility’s regulatory compliance. This includes all accreditation logs, biomedical logs, EOC, QA/QI Studies, Pharmacy Logs, Life & Fire Safety, and Vendor Contracts.

The Surglogs compliance suite is customized to the facility’s needs and securely houses the entire database of logs in a HIPAA compliant, encrypted cloud. Surglogs has saved thousands of dollars in labor and storage costs for ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals across the United States through improving clinical compliance calculations as well as providing administrators and clinical staff with peace of mind for their future accreditation surveys.

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