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Watch webinar: Prep Like a Pro: Strategies from a Surveyor

by Barbora Ilic
Watch webinar about strategies from a surveyor

Watch free webinar featuring Dawn Q. Onofrio, RN, MSA, CASC, CNOR, CAIP, a seasoned surveyor with 23 years of experience. In this webinar, she will share invaluable strategies to help you prepare for a survey and sail through it successfully.

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In the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Changes you should be aware of
  • Proven methods to prepare for your upcoming survey
  • Key tools to utilize for a smoother process

About Dawn: She has been a surgery nurse for 35+ years. She has developed and/or managed more than 60 surgery centers in 33 states including 4 HOPDs in her career. She has served on national committees, has been a speaker, and has served as an accreditation surveyor for 23 years. She is still active as a consultant assisting ASCs with accreditation preparation and anything related to development and operations. She loves to teach and hopes that what she does is giving back to an industry that has been so good to her throughout her career.

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