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The [Personal] Training Approach to Customer Success at Surglogs

by surglogs
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We’re officially a few weeks into the new year at this point. What happened to that gym membership you signed up for back in January? Odds are, you’re going less now compared to back then. Unless…

You signed up for personal training! This dedicated coach helps to keep you motivated, accountable, and more likely to stick to your goals in the future.

That’s how we like to think of Customer Success at Surglogs. The platform is your gym membership, but we’re your personal trainer/accountability buddy. We make sure you get the most out of your investment.

The Customer Success Workout Routine

Every personal trainer knows that there is no success without great preparation. Well, at Surglogs, we also come prepared. Below is our step-by-step routine that has worked for many of our clients, and can work for many more to come. 

Step 1: Set Goals & Milestones 

Right after your member– subscription starts, so do we. You’ll be assigned a customer success specialist and they will begin the process that we’ve used for over 800 healthcare centers across the country. Because no two centers are ever the same, we tailor your implementation based on your center’s unique goals. For example, if the main reason you purchased software was to examine and reduce paperwork for sterile processing, we’ll start there. However, if your hand hygiene audits are the most important, that’s no problem either.

Based on your top priorities and what features you want to take advantage of, we’ll create a mutually agreed upon plan and establish checks and balances that will help you achieve a “go live” date. This is usually about 60 days after the start of implementation but can be shortened or lengthened based on the established goals. 

Step 2: Adopt and Leverage the Platform

Once the initial implementation is finished, around 60 days from your subscription start date, we’ll schedule your official “Graduation” to our customer success team. From there, your center will start to use the software daily, and we’ll monitor usage to make sure the implementation is really a success

It’s not uncommon that even once the software is implemented and templates are ready to go, some users want to stick to what they know. That’s okay and something perfectly natural. We often encounter nurses who have been doing certain routines for their entire careers with success. Change is a realm we play in every day, and we’re experts at managing that change for your team. This is a critical period where we share any dips in usage and check in regularly to make sure the new methods really take off at your center. 

This is also where our 24/5 support comes in most handy. In case your team has any questions while they’re in the middle of a check, task, or record, they can easily access our online chat feature, staffed by real humans, and get a rapid response (our average response time last year was 18 seconds!)

Step 3: Improve & Refine For Your Center(s)

We’re of the mindset that implementation is never fully complete. Well past the initial adoption phase, your dedicated customer success manager will continue to guide you along the way. Expect ongoing updates when new features or improvements are made to the platform, and plenty of follow-up consultative calls throughout the first year on the platform. 

As part of that approach, we will align regularly with a formal Business Review. Here, you’ll get a high-level overview of usage metrics, and we’ll address any areas of concern. Also, by this time into the Surglogs implementation, your center’s goals might have changed. So we will realign on those and make sure we are adapting to your new goals. 

What Makes Surglogs Different?

In addition to this customized Customer Success program, Surglogs offers a few other terrific resources for our clients. Think of these as the gym’s showers, saunas, or smoothie bars. It’s all about the perks to make a successful partnership! 

Product Advisory Board

Every feature Surglogs introduces comes directly from feedback we’ve received in the field. Surglogs is a purpose-built solution that specifically addresses the needs of healthcare centers. As a customer, you’ll get to help us define our roadmap for success and ensure that our regulatory compliance software leaves you wanting for nothing else. 

Head of Customer Success

No, this isn’t ChatGPT talking. This post was written by me, Stephen Flynn, Head of Customer Success here at Surglogs. I’ve been with Surglogs since 2020 and lead our team of implementation specialists, customer support team, and customer success managers. I take pride in offering personalized service to our customers, so plan to hear from me often if you come on board. Feel free to get in touch with me should you have any questions at

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